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We were both born in Kisumu, Kenya, and after Ali completed his higher education in England at Loughborough University; we migrated to Ottawa, Canada; where our two boys, Imran and Zameer were born. After 9 years in Ottawa, and wanting a change from the cold climate in Ottawa, we decided to move to the other extreme :), and settled in hot hot Dallas, Texas, USA.

After our boys had grown up; Dilshad decide to start working at American Airlines; which allowed heavily discounted flights to most of the world. And so started our passion for traveling around the world.

We are now in their early 60's, and want to visit as much of the world as possible, before we can no longer do it. We like to visit places as Travelers vs as Tourists and experience places like locals by staying at small locally owned/operated bed and breakfasts as home-stays with locals. We also prefer to travel to places that are off the beaten path, less touristy and prefer unexplored places. Through this travelogue or Safarnama, we invite you to join us in our adventures across the globe, and enjoy. We would appreciate your feedback and invite you to contact us on this Travelog site for any information you may want on any of our trips. Also, you can visit Tripadvisor here which is where all our reviews of hotels we stayed at and attractions we visited are kept for other travelers to review beforehand.

Cities Visited (526)

This is the TripAdvisor Map of places we have visited. I write lots of TripAdvisor reviews and hence the use of tripadvisor map. We don't have travelogs of all the places on this map as have started writing Travelogs only recently. Please click "Our Trips" to access all our travelogs.

Countries Travelled (80/195 or 40%)

This is a Map representing the countries we have visited so far. So much more of the world to see and explore. Please click "Our Trips" to access all our travelogs.

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