Bangkok & Koh Samed

By Ali Karim
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Bangkok and Koh Samed July 2012

First few days if traveling in Thailand; before moving further east. Spent 2 nights in Bangkok, exploring the markets (have been to see the tourist sights in Bangkok on a previous trip). Bangkok has a great train/subway system; very clean and efficient; best way to get around and avoid sitting in traffic. Love the Thai food, especially Tom Yum soup, Curries etc. Had fried fish the evening we arrived, at a local seafood place. Things have become more expensive here than the last time we were here, which admittedly was a long time ago:). Some scenes from the streets of Bangkok below

Important Information
Bangkok Subway System is one the best ways to travel in the city

Street Omelette breakfast outside our hotel was delicious

Commerce goes on in all forms

Interesting home on top of a street market

Beautiful models promoting some product

Behind our hotel a short 10 minute walk through the gulleys were multiple simple abodes right on the waterways; which were used for water taxi transportation. From the looks of it, many people live there with high people concentrations.

During this meander, we came across a nice street market with lots of fresh foods being sold

Street market

Giving blessings; and getting food

Monk getting some food etc form devotees. If the monk does not receive anything from his devotees, then he goes hungry

Thailand market; lots of vegetables and fruits


Then drove over to Koh Samed (or Koh Samet) island, about 2 hours from Bangkok. This island is a small spit of land, which is a national park (the whole island). It is not popular with foreign tourists, who end up going to Phuket mostly. This island is more popular with Thai people, who tourist this island.

To get to the island, you have to take a ferry or a speed boat. We took the speed boat, waters were choppy and Dilshad screamed a lot (see pic; she is actually screaming, not laughing:)). The boat literally drops you on the beach; and you carry your bags over to the hotel which is right there. Beaches here have great white sand, and clean emerald green water. The island is very natural with a lot of natural beauty. Staying on Koh Samed at Samed Villas, nice clean rooms. Check out the pics.

Cute kid, waiting on the pier with us for the boat ride to Koh Samed

Boat ride was choppy; screaming choppy

The boat literally dropped us on the beach; beautiful white sandy beach

The island was very beautiful; with great flora and fauna; see below

Strange leaf on Koh Samed

Another interesting leaf design of nature

Plenty of coconuts everywhere

Interesting butterfly

Seaside cafe

Nice outdoor beach restaurants

Will leave on Tuesday to go to Cambodia by road. Wish us luck

Thailand to Cambodia next

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