Madaba, Mount Neba, and onto the Dead Sea

By Ali Karim
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Madaba, Mount Neba, and onto the Dead Sea

We drove from Amman to Madaba, where there is an ancient 6th century Greek Orthodox church that has a lot of Mosaic artwork, including a map of the Holy Land (also in mosaic). The drive was just over 45mins over pleasant city/countryside; and the old church was well preserved; we were glad to see that all religions were respected in this predominantly arab-muslim area

6th Century Greek Orthodox Church of Madaba

Part of the original mosaic map that has been preserved.

Picture of the remaining mosaic with key

Other Mosaics in the church

We then drove another 30 mins or so over nice windy country roads to another religions location, Mount Nebo.

Brief History
Legend has it that it was here at Mt Nebo, that God beckoned Moses, to look at the promised land, but told him that he would not set foot in the holy land again. Moses died here, and is supposed to be buried near here, but the burial site is unknown. Also near here, is the site of the spring that was formed when God asked Moses to hit the rocks with his staff, when Moses beseeched God to provide water for his thirsty people. When Moses hit the rocks with his staff, a spring gushed out from under the rocks and is still there.

Fascinating history in this small area of Jordan/Palestine/Israel.

View of the countryside from Mount Nebo, at 800m above sea level

View of Moses’s well

Countryside contemplation

Plaque at Mt Nebo, showing the directions and distances of places in the holy land. As you can see, all places are quite close by as the crow flies

Mount Nebo history

Commemorative Plaque

We then drove another 20 mins or so to get to the Dead Sea; the lowest point on earth at 430m (1400ft) below sea level

Dead Sea shores

Local Rest stop at Dead Sea

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