Wonderful Flora and Fauna in Southern CA; Zameer’s Birthday

By Ali Karim

The Flora and Fauna in Southern California provides a  tenuous experience  which  has  been  possible  during the call  to  Zameer’s  homestead  in  Oceanside  . Southern  California  being   the second most crowded city   in  USA, is packed  with an enormous numbers of flora as well  as faunas .  Floras such as Coast redwood, Coulter Pine, Santa Lucia Fir,  Leather Oak  are found . Apart from these, faunas such as  pig, elk, fox, deer, pronghorn  are said to be traced .

Elegant   Stairwall

                   Tranquility  invites  gracefulness

Flora-the succulent   aura

Lost  in   the   vividness   of   nature

         Mystified  Intermingling  of  hues

  Serenity spread all over



Southern California is beautiful; isn’t it?

San Diego meet up with Zahra Ismail in Little Italy

White Sands National Monument next